The Aga Khan Museum is open from Tuesday-Sunday with enhanced safety measures in place. Go here for more information.
FAQs: Diwan Patio and Aga Khan Museum Shop Reopening

The on-site Diwan Patio and Aga Khan Museum Shop are reopening. Please have a look at this list of Frequently Asked Questions covering the enhanced health-and-safety measures we’ve instituted, and what to expect when you step foot inside the Museum.


Diwan Reopening

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– Diwan is open with limited outdoor seating and strict new safety measures, including enhanced cleaning protocols. As of June 11, 2021, only outdoor dining is permitted as public health guidelines currently prohibit in-restaurant dining in the City of Toronto. Diwan Restaurant Patio will be open as of 5 PM on June 18th. 

– Diwan is open for lunch service from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, and dinner service (subject to availability) from 5 PM to 8 PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

– Staff are required to maintain a minimum of 2 metres (6 feet) distance from guests.

– Parties will be seated a minimum of 2 metres apart from each other. You must make a reservation in advance on OpenTable.

– Contactless payment is encouraged. 

– Diwan will have PPE available for all staff and guests.

– All hard, non-porous surfaces and high-touch areas are thoroughly disinfected before opening and closing, and at regular intervals in between. 

– We will offer an online version of our menu so guests can view it on their smartphones. 

– We have adjusted our physical menu practices to comply with public health guidelines. 

– Our practices may change from time to time to reflect new directives from public health officials. 

– Employees have been trained on proper handwashing and disinfection techniques. 

– Staff will have designated locations for storing masks and gloves, disinfectant near the handwashing sinks, and signage directing staff to wash their hands before putting on gloves and before touching point-of-sale machines. 


Aga Khan Museum Shop Reopening


– The Aga Khan Museum Shop is open from 12 PM to 6 PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

– There is a capacity limit of 4 people at any one time.

– For your convenience, curbside pickup is also available during these hours.




Has the Museum reopened?


The Museum has not reopened, however, the on-site Diwan Patio and Aga Khan Museum Shop are open.


Is there parking available?


Yes. Surface and underground parking is available for a flat fee of $10. Overnight parking is not permitted.

Pre-paid parking is available before your arrival by clicking here.


Are there limits on the number of people allowed in the public washrooms?


We are not monitoring the number of people entering or exiting our public washrooms. However, we are limiting the total number of people inside the building. We have installed signage reminding visitors to respect physical-distancing guidelines.


Are there restrictions on the number of people allowed in an elevator at the same time?


Per government restrictions, no more than two people or one household (up to 5 people) may ride in an elevator at the same time. There are two floor stickers inside each elevator, posted 2 metres apart from each other, to indicate proper physical distancing.


How will the Museum manage the number and flow of visitors of inside the building?


For the protection of visitors and staff, we are limiting the number of people allowed inside the Museum to those who are entering the Aga Khan Museum Shop, those who have a Diwan reservation, and essential staff. We have installed new signage directing people on where to enter and exit the Museum and reminding them to respect physical-distancing guidelines at all times.

At this time, only visitors who are entering the Aga Khan Museum Shop or have a reservation at Diwan will be allowed access to the building. 


What has changed in the Museum’s public spaces?


– We have installed additional hand-sanitizing stations and instituted heightened cleaning protocols, including more frequent cleaning and disinfection of high-touch areas such as door handles, elevator buttons, and seating surfaces.

– We have designated signed pathways to help prevent clustering. Signs and floor decals direct people where to enter and exit the Museum. Signage throughout the open spaces reminds people to observe physical-distancing requirements.

– Our parking machines are currently closed. Parking payment may be made online or in the Museum (through contactless payment).

– All soft furnishings have been removed.

– Automatic doors have been installed to allow for touchless access to the Museum.

– Drinking fountains are closed until further notice.


Limitation of Liability


There are COVID-19 risks in attending public spaces, including contracting or transmitting the virus. Even though we are committed to your safety and to adhering to public health guidelines, we cannot eliminate the risks of exposure to COVID-19. By visiting the Aga Khan Museum, you agree to assume the risks associated with exposure to COVID-19.


Do I need to wear a mask?


Yes. Effective July 7, 2020, a City of Toronto bylaw requires “businesses to adopt a policy to ensure masks or face coverings are worn in indoor public spaces under their control.” The bylaw includes exemptions for children under age 2, people who can’t wear a mask for medical reasons, and people who can’t wear a mask for other reasons protected by the Ontario Human Rights Code. One is allowed to remove their mask temporarily for the purposes of eating and drinking. Go here to read the City of Toronto’s June 30, 2020 bylaw mandating the wearing of face coverings in enclosed spaces. 


What if I can’t wear a mask? 


If it’s not possible for you to wear a mask due to medical reasons, or for other reasons protected by the Ontario Human Rights Code, please let us know in advance so we can review the matter and attempt to accommodate wherever possible. We request that you, in addition to wearing a mask, maintain proper physical-distancing measures (stay at least 2 meters/6 feet apart from others), sanitize/wash your hands often and cough into your elbow.


How will the Museum respond if someone who’s recently been inside the building later tests positive for COVID-19?


If we learn that a person who has recently been inside the Museum later tests positive for COVID-19, we will take prompt and decisive steps to limit the risk to our visitors, personnel, and the general public. We will:

– Follow the guidance of public health officials

– Decide on how best to carry out any additional deep cleaning and sanitization that is necessary, which might include temporarily closing the Museum

– Notify personnel, visitors, and other Museum entrants who may have had close direct contact with the individual and advise those people to self-isolate for a period of 14 days and follow applicable guidance from public health officials

– Notify, whenever appropriate, the community via our e-newsletters, social media channels, and our website that a person (whom we will not identify) who had been in the Museum later tested positive for COVID-19, should we come to learn this information from credible sources within 2 weeks of that person’s visit

– Communicate closely with public health officials and provide them with information relevant to their investigation of the case, wherever necessary or required by law


This is not an exhaustive list. As with all of our reopening efforts, our objective here is to uphold the highest standards for keeping you and the rest of our community safe.


Will my personal information be shared with public health officials?


From time to time, we might be asked to share the contact information of our visitors and invitees with government officials, to support public health efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 (for example, to help with contact-tracing). In accordance with our Privacy Policy and our commitment to community safety, we will comply with government public health directives such as these. Subject to any other permissions our visitors have given us, the Museum will only retain such personal information for so long as is necessary to comply with applicable law and to help ensure the safety and well-being of our visitors and personnel.


Any questions regarding the collection, use, disclosure, and storage of your personal information may be directed to [email protected].



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