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The Aga Khan Museum has three primary exhibition spaces. On the first floor, the Collections Gallery and Bellerive Room are dedicated to showcasing the Museum’s Permanent Collection. In the Collections Gallery, visitors can enjoy rotating displays of nearly 200 masterpieces reflecting a broad range of artistic styles and representing more than ten centuries of human history. In the Bellerive Room, visitors are invited to explore selections from the impressive ceramic collection of the late Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan and Princess Catherine Aga Khan.

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On the second floor, the Aga Khan Museum presents several special exhibitions each year that feature works from the Museum alongside art from partner museums and installations by contemporary artists. These displays are complemented by performing arts programs, lectures, and workshops.

An Ocean in a Drop: Muslims in Toronto

On display from May, 2022–April, 2023

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop” — Jalal al-Din Rumi

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Afghanistan My Love

October 8, 2022–April 10, 2023
Opening in the second-floor Temporary Exhibition Gallery

Located in the Museum's Temporary Exhibition Gallery, Afghanistan My Love highlights Afghanistan as a place of cultural richness, diversity, and deep love.

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SEEN National Virtual Art Exhibition

Now Open

Explore the ways in which self-representation influences our understanding of ourselves, the world, and each other. 

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Museum Collection
Themed Installation: Water

January 30–July 15, 2023

Parts of the gallery are refreshed twice a year with themed installations that explore special topics and allow light-sensitive materials to rest.

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Cultured Pallets

May 2–October 15, 2023

How long does the feeling of being in transition last?

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May 13–October 1, 2023

Opening this spring, Rumi invites visitors to explore the life and timeless legacy of one of history's most impactful poets.

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Opening May 13, 2023

Open your senses and experience the unknown that lies just beyond your awareness. 

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50 Years of Migration

February 26 –March 5, 2023
Ismaili Centre, Toronto
49 Wynford Drive

Commemorating over 50 years of immigration of Shi'a Imami Ismaili Muslims to Canada.

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Museum Collections
Themed Installation: Birds

June 20–January, 2023

The Museum Collections Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the artistic achievements and lasting legacies of Muslim civilizations between the 9th and 19th centuries.

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Aga Khan Architecture Awards

October 1, 2022–November 5, 2022

Explore the outdoor exhibition on display in the Aga Khan Park. 

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IMAGE? The Power of the Visual

Showing April 9–September 5, 2022.
Location: 2nd Floor Temporary Exhibition Gallery

Digital exhibition experience available now.


In the age of visual overload, how do we remind ourselves of the deeper meaning and power that images have held throughout history?

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Museum Collection
Themed Installation: Sound and Music

November 17 2021–June 20, 2022

The Museum Collection Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the artistic achievements and lasting legacies of Muslim civilizations between the 9th and 19th centuries.

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A Romance of Many Dimensions

Showing April 15–June 5, 2022
Location: 1st Floor Exhibition Gallery

Cocks do not fight for their household gods, for the monuments of their ancestors, for glory, for liberty or for the safety of their children, but only because one will not give way to the other. 
- Themistocles

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The Silk Road: A Living History

Photo exhibition in the Aga Khan Park open October 20, 2021–April 2022

Embark on a life-affirming quest across continents and cultures — without leaving the calming environs of the Aga Khan Park.

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*Terms and Conditions Apply by Ghazaleh Avarzamani

Open November 6, 2021–February 27, 2022

See the Aga Khan Museum in a new light with Ghazaleh Azarzamani’s exhibition *Terms and Conditions Apply.

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Hidden Stories: Books Along the Silk Roads

Open October 9, 2021–February 27, 2022

See 1,000 years of history leap off the page on a book-fuelled journey across the Silk Roads.

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Rust Garden

September 2, 2021–February 7, 2022

What does it mean to be Canadian in the 21st century? A new art installation at the Aga Khan Museum challenges audiences to express their own idea of what it means to be Canadian from the rusting — literally — remains of stories from the past.

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State of Play

Showing July 25–October 24, 2021

What do a ball, stick, rope, and hoop represent to you?

State of Play, the Aga Khan Museum’s new multifaceted exhibition, shows the transformative nature of the games people play.

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Museum Collection
Themed Installation: Bloom

October 20, 2020–October 2021

The Collections Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the artistic achievements and lasting legacies of Muslim civilizations between the 9th and 19th centuries.

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Land/s by Gohar Dashti

On display from September 3, 2021 to October 17, 2021

The Museum’s latest outdoor photo exhibition encourages you to reflect upon what “home” means to you while celebrating the astonishing beauty of the natural world.


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July 25, 2021–September 6, 2021

Digital exhibition experience available now.


Beloved masterpieces in the Aga Khan Museum’s Collection. New, exhilarating ways to immerse yourself in timeless stories of courage, love, and living well.

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Faig Ahmed: Dissolving Order

July 25, 2021–September 6, 2021

Remix tradition with this striking show celebrating the work and ideas of Baku-based artist Faig Ahmed. 

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Kumbi Saleh 3020 CE by Ekow Nimako

Open July 25–August 29, 2021

Bask in the sleek magnificence of a fortified metropolis celebrating the glories of an ancient African trade hub and the limitless possibilities of the future.

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Paradise Garden: The Wagner Garden Carpet from the Burrell Collection, Glasgow

Feb 11, 2020 - Jan 17, 2021

A rare, monumental Persian carpet, on display in Canada for the first time, reveals the link between the words “paradise” and “garden.” 

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Chrysalis | Olga Stefatou

On until October 25, 2020

Peer behind the headlines of the global refugee crisis with this series of portraits celebrating the individuality of migrant women in Greece.

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On until October 25, 2020

Contemplate our shared humanity in a space that explores the many dimensions of sanctuary through the work of 36 contemporary artists.

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Museum Collections
Themed Installation: Blue

On until October 18, 2020

The Collections Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the artistic achievements and lasting legacies of Muslim civilizations between the 9th and 19th centuries.

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Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From

On until October 4, 2020

Explore the post-migrant experience in this art project created by a collaboration between the Museum and the Benetton Foundation.

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Ekow Nimako
Building Black: Civilizations

Sep 21, 2019 - Feb 23, 2020

Enter an enchanted realm of small-scale LEGO® sculptures, featuring rogue queens, intrepid desert caravans, and terrifying Saharan scorpions.

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Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time:
Art, Culture, and Exchange Across Medieval Saharan Africa

Sep 21, 2019 - Feb 23, 2020

Travel back in time across the Sahara Desert and discover the thriving African empires that connected the medieval world

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Museum Collections
Themed Installation: Architecture

May 21, 2019 - Nov 25, 2019

The Collections Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the artistic achievements and lasting legacies of Muslim civilizations between the 9th and 19th centuries.

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Our Sustainable Future:
Student Photography Exhibition

Aug 23, 2019 - Sep 15, 2019

Enjoy the photography of a group of young Toronto students, documenting their vision for the world of tomorrow.

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The Moon: A Voyage Through Time

Mar 09, 2019 - Aug 18, 2019

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first human steps on the moon by discovering the wonder, knowledge, and beauty the moon has inspired through the ages.

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Not Elsewhere | Sanaz Mazinani

Apr 30, 2019 - Jun 02, 2019

Explore a free installation showcasing globally-celebrated artist Sanaz Mazinani’s kaleidoscopic visuals and rethink what you see.

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Your Way Begins on the Other Side

Nov 20, 2018 - Mar 17, 2019

Back by popular demand is Your Way Begins on the Other Side. This extraordinary tapestry was made using 1.2 million gold-plated steel pins by artist Aisha Khalid. Don’t miss the selected paintings and prints of Khalid’s renowned teacher, the artist Zahoor ul Akhlaq, “the father of contemporary Pakistani art,” whose life was tragically cut short. Finally, enjoy a rare viewing of a unique embroidered robe, gifted to the Museum by Princess Catherine Aga Khan from Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan’s personal collection.

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The Museum as Studio: Kevork Mourad in Residence at the Aga Khan Museum

Jan 31, 2019 - Feb 24, 2019

Artist Kevork Mourad transforms the temporary exhibition galleries with an immersive installation.

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Transforming Traditions: The Arts of 19th-Century Iran

Sep 22, 2018 - Feb 10, 2019

Bear witness to the complex dynamics that impacted the arts of a society at a crossroads between tradition and transformation during a century of turbulent change.

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Emperors & Jewels: Treasures of the Indian Courts from The al-Sabah Collection, Kuwait

Aug 18, 2018 - Jan 27, 2019

Experience the passion for opulence among the princes of India. Exquisite objects decorated with gems and carved from semi-precious stone reflect life at the courts.


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Majma-ul-Bahrain, The Mingling of the (two) Oceans

Sep 29, 2018 - Oct 31, 2018

Artist Javid a.k.a. JAH’s new exhibition in our Reflecting Pools explores sacred geometries.

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May 29, 2018 - Oct 01, 2018

Saudi women’s stories take wing in the installation Suspended Together. A flock of white doves in the Museum atrium represent an artist’s reponse to travel restrictions.

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Apr 27, 2018 - Sep 03, 2018

For the first time, the Aga Khan Park’s serene reflecting pools are transformed into a dramatic exhibition venue. This free outdoor art installation, presented in partnership with the Scotiabank

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From Baghdad to Timbuktu: Libraries Rising from the Ashes

Jul 14, 2018 - Aug 19, 2018

Throughout history, monuments, architecture, libraries and works of art have been subject to systematic damage and destruction in an attempt to erase knowledge and artistic achievements.

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The World of the Fatimids

Mar 10, 2018 - Jul 02, 2018

The World of the Fatimids bears witness to a remarkable dynasty that built the world’s oldest university, compiled one of its greatest libraries, and fostered a flowering of the arts and sciences. At its height in the 10th and 11th centuries, the Fatimids established one of the greatest civilizations in the world, influencing knowledge and culture throughout the Mediterranean, Europe, and the Near East.

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Listening to Art, Seeing Music

Jan 20, 2018 - Apr 22, 2018

Join us for a truly unique, multi-sensory experience as the Aga Khan Museum transforms into a mesmerizing world of music celebrating the living traditions of the Muslim world and their interaction with other cultures through time and space.

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Parviz Tanavoli

Sep 08, 2016 - Apr 09, 2018

Experience the work of Parviz Tanavoli, acclaimed Iranian-Canadian artist, at the Aga Khan Museum! Three of Tanavoli’s sculptures — Poet in Love, 2009; Big Heech, 2014; and Tanavoli’s most recent work, Horizontal Lovers, 2016 — are now in display in the Aga Khan Park. This not-to-be-missed temporary installation marks the first time that Tanavoli’s Horizontal Lovers, sculpted entirely from bronze, is on public display for all to enjoy.

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Arts of the East: Highlights of Islamic Art from the Bruschettini Collection

Sep 23, 2017 - Jan 21, 2018

Fall under the spell of rare objects that entranced the Renaissance masters! The Bruschettini Collection is renowned worldwide for its fine arts from the East — yet has never before been seen in North America. In a special exhibition exclusive to the Aga Khan Museum, discover a sumptuous selection of artworks.

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HERE: Locating Contemporary Canadian Artists

Jul 22, 2017 - Jan 07, 2018

What can an ancient Roman carving from the Museum’s Collection, reused and repurposed throughout time, tell us about being Canadian? The answers lie HERE. Experience Museum-wide installations of video, textiles, painting, and sculpture that convey the diversity of more than 20 artists. Think differently about identity this summer, and join us in celebrating Canada’s 150 years as a nation.

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Skate Girls of Kabul

Sep 05, 2017 - Oct 29, 2017

“It’s hard not to think of Afghan girls skateboarding as an unlikely clash of cultures. But when you see these children tearing around the skate park, shrieking with laughter, your preconceptions drop away... I hope that this collection captures something of their spirit: their joy in life, their individuality, and their community.” — Jessica Fulford-Dobson

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Syrian Symphony: New Compositions in Sight and Sound

May 20, 2017 - Aug 13, 2017

Syrian Symphony orchestrates music, painting, and media arts by some of Syria’s leading artists and musicians. Along with contributions from other organizations such as Iconem, Atassi Foundation, COSTI, and Silkroad, this exhibition explores the roles of art and artists during times of upheaval and conflict.

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Rebel, Jester, Mystic, Poet: Contemporary Persians

Feb 04, 2017 - Jun 04, 2017

Cultural rebellion and lyrical reflection come together in this world-premiere exhibition showcasing one of the most important collections of contemporary Iranian art. Encounter the works of 23 artists who have chosen self-expression over silence — men and women separated by generations but united in their desire to explore complex issues against a backdrop of political and social unrest.

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Syria: A Living History

Oct 15, 2016 - Feb 26, 2017

Few countries have captured the world’s attention like Syria has today. Stories of conflict and displacement dominate the media and define people’s awareness of the place. Syria: A Living History brings together artifacts and artworks that tell a different story — one of cultural diversity, historical continuity, resourcefulness, and resilience. For over five millennia, this region perched on the eastern Mediterranean has witnessed great world civilizations comingling on its soil and producing art, literature, and culture that constitute the country’s rich legacy.

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Jul 23, 2016 - Jan 08, 2017

A breathtaking gateway to Muslim civilizations in Europe, the Alhambra in Granada, Spain is an architectural masterpiece. How can a contemporary architect complement its design, adding a visitors’ centre for the millions of people who flock to the site each year? Discover the vision — and artistic challenge — of Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza in this exciting exhibition. Álvaro Siza: Gateway to the Alhambra reveals the creative process and artistic genius of one of today’s greatest living architects.

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Marvellous Creatures: Animals in Islamic Art

May 07, 2016 - Sep 11, 2016

They roam the pages of countless legends, tales and fables, and have inspired artists for centuries. Meet the marvellous creatures of such classic literature as the Shahnameh and Kalila wa Dimna. Through an astonishing variety of media — including manuscripts, textiles, ceramics, jewellery, glass, and metalwork from the 7th to the 21st centuries — the exhibition Marvellous Creatures celebrates these real and mythical animals and illuminates the knowledge contained in their stories.

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A City Transformed: Images of Istanbul Then and Now

Feb 06, 2016 - Jun 26, 2016

The city we now know as Istanbul has been an important cultural and economic hub for centuries. Under its many guises — first as Byzantium, then Constantinople, and finally Kostantiniyye/Istanbul — this magnificent place has witnessed a succession of empires, the migration of peoples, and astounding urban growth.

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Nov 21, 2015 - Mar 28, 2016

Prepare yourself for a journey through memory and imagination with this remarkable installation piece by acclaimed Iranian photographer, poet, and filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami. Walls and doors are both boundaries and barriers. Yet doors offer us hope of entry or of escape — hope for connection, for finding another world, for finding freedom. With this evocative premise, Abbas Kiarostami presents the world premiere of his installation piece, Doors Without Keys.

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Home Ground: Contemporary Art from the Barjeel Art Foundation

Jul 25, 2015 - Jan 03, 2016

Pushing boundaries, testing limits: this powerful exhibition from the Barjeel Art Foundation, Sharjah, UAE runs the gamut from photography to installation, sculpture to painting, and more. Experience the work of 12 Arab artists who examine how private life is shaped by current political events.

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A Thirst for Riches: Carpets from the East in Paintings from the West

Jun 06, 2015 - Oct 18, 2015

In an exclusive Canadian showing, A Thirst for Riches: Carpets from the East in Paintings from the West points to the active history of trade between Europe and Muslim civilizations while exploring how beautiful objects acquire new meanings as they are exchanged.

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Sep 08, 2015 - Sep 27, 2015

The Muslim and Christian worlds collide in Armide, an opera in which the invincible Christian knight Renaud and the Muslim warrior princess Armide play out their doomed love affair against a backdrop of hopeless obsession, jealousy, and magic.

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Inspired by India: Paintings by Howard Hodgkin

Feb 21, 2015 - Jun 21, 2015

British painter, printmaker, and collector Howard Hodgkin (b. 1932) has been passionate about Indian culture, geography, and history for most of his life. Given this passion and his frequent visits to the country over a period of some 50 years, it is not surprising that India has had a lasting influence on his own work. For viewers, tracing this inspiration through paintings spanning Hodgkin’s career is an exhilarating experience.

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Visions of Mughal India: The Collection of Howard Hodgkin

Feb 21, 2015 - Jun 21, 2015

The second half of the 16th century until the first half of the 19th century was a time of cultural merging that saw Persian themes, Indian colours, and Western influences find their way into Indian architecture and art.

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The Lost Dhow: A Discovery from the Maritime Silk Route

Dec 13, 2014 - Apr 26, 2015

In 1998, an Arab ship carrying goods from China was discovered at the bottom of the Indian Ocean off Belitung Island, Indonesia. Dating from the 9th century (China’s Tang Dynasty), the Belitung shipwreck is the earliest Arab vessel of this period to be found with a complete cargo, including silver ingots, bronze mirrors, spice-filled jars, intricately worked vessels of silver and gold, and thousands of ceramic bowls, ewers, and other vessels. Uncovering its mysterious origins reveals the interconnections between two great powers, the Tang and Abbasid Empires, whose influence collectively stretched from the East China Sea to North Africa.

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The Garden of Ideas: Contemporary Art from Pakistan

Sep 18, 2014 - Jan 18, 2015

Created for pleasure, spiritual reflection, and aesthetic contemplation, gardens have held many meanings. Beyond their beauty, they represent the human impulse to organize, contain, and collect the natural world. Without cultivation a garden would cease to exist. Similarly, without cultivation of the mind and the soul, it is believed a society cannot progress.

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In Search of the Artist: Signed Drawings and Paintings from the Aga Khan Museum Collection

Sep 18, 2014 - Nov 16, 2014

A lion at rest is captured in elegant strokes of black ink. The court of the epic King Keyomars is celebrated in vivid colours. A hero slaying a dragon is depicted in exquisite detail. The stellar works of art that make up the exhibition In Search of the Artist: Signed Drawings and Paintings from the Aga Khan Museum Collection depict a wide range of themes with extraordinary delicacy.

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