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The Aga Khan Museum’s Publications Program enhances the exhibitions and educational programs of the Museum by developing print and digital products that cater to a broad range of audiences and interests within the arts. The Museum’s printed publications include collection and exhibition catalogues, academic and scholarly research papers, art books, and children’s books.The children’s books that are part of the Museum’s Publications Program offer an accessible introduction to the Museum’s Permanent Collection as well as to the arts of Muslim civilizations.

Aga Khan Museum Guide

The Aga Khan Museum Guide introduces the Museum’s vision, building, park, and Permanent Collection in an accessible form to the visitor and general public. It provides an overview of the historical, intellectual, and artistic wealth of the Museum’s collection of works of exceptional beauty and technical innovation. The Guide is illustrated with more than 100 full-colour photographs and details of some of the Museum’s most celebrated Qur’ans, ceramics, metalwork, luxury materials (ivory, textiles, glassware, crystal), painted and illuminated manuscripts, and architectural fragments, including a painting from the epic Shah-Nameh that was described in a 16th-century treatise as the “rarity of the age” and is still considered one of the most magnificent manuscript paintings produced in the Muslim world. The Guide also includes essays about the Museum’s unique building and the historically-inspired park and gardens that surround it.

Pattern and Light: Aga Khan Museum

Co-published with Skira Rizzoli, this enhanced hardcover edition of The Aga Khan Museum Guide offers an introduction to the arts and cultures of Muslim civilizations through the lens of the Aga Khan Museum Permanent Collection. This richly illustrated volume provides insightful essays on collecting and preserving the diverse works. It also discusses the design of the Museum’s building and park complex.

Enchanted Lines: Drawings From The Aga Khan Museum collections

Enchanted Lines brings together exceptional examples of some of the best drawings in the Aga Khan Museum’s collection, with special emphasis on those works known to have been created by a particular artist. Intended as a companion book to the Aga Khan Museum’s inaugural temporary exhibition In Search of the Artist: Signed Paintings and Drawings from the Aga Khan Museum Collection, it is the first in a series of volumes showcasing different aspects of the Museum’s Permanent Collection. Author Filiz Çakır Phillip situates these drawings in their historical and artistic context and provides incisive background on techniques and themes.

The Garden Of Ideas

This exhibition was the first contemporary exhibition to open at the Aga Khan Museum. Celebrated Pakistani artists joined together to create magnificent works which were then translated on this special edition gift-wrapping book exclusive to the Aga Khan Museum. Beautiful sheets of paper inspired by the artists work are compiled together in this keepsake book which makes for a perfect conversation piece and gifting item.

Home Ground: Contemporary Art From The Barjeel Art Foundation

Learn more with a beautifully illustrated catalogue featuring full-colour photographs, artist biographies, and essays by Guest Curator Suheyla Takesh (Curator of the Barjeel Art Foundation) and Dr. Tina Sherwell (Director of Academic Programmes, The International Academy of Art Palestine).All texts are in English and Arabic.
Contributing Writers: Henry Kim; Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi; Sarah Rogers, PhD; Tina Sherwell, PhD; and Suheyla Takesh

Two Crafty Jackals: The Animal Fables Of Kalilah And Dimnah

When bestselling British author Elizabeth Laird introduces the brother jackals Kalilah and Dimnah, she acknowledges a tradition that is as ancient as storytelling itself: the animal fable with a moral. Kalilah and Dimnah debuted in the Panchatantra (Sanskrit for Five Principles), composed in India in the 3rd century BCE. In that work, related as a series of nested tales-within-tales told to illustrate examples of right or wrong behaviour that lead to good or bad results, Dimnah destroys the friendship between a lion and a bull out of jealousy and has to face the consequences.

Astounding ABC

From an arch and a lantern to an owl and a zoo, this ABC spelling book illustrates letters from the Latin alphabet with details from the Aga Khan Museum's superb collection of paintings, illuminated manuscripts, ceramics, metalwork, coins, and tiles from the 12th to 19th centuries. The board book offers an accessible introduction for very young children to the Museum's collection, showcasing a rich diversity of works from around the world, including Egypt, Sicily, India, Turkey, and Iran. Proving that learning can be fun, colourful, and exciting, Astounding ABC encourages children to explore the Museum's collection through animals, nature, historical figures, and a variety of artifacts.


Engage with historic philosophies, contemporary ideas, and centuries of vibrant cross-cultural exchange through videos of our popular lectures and symposia.
Since opening in 2014, the Aga Khan Museum has presented exhibitions and programming that engage with the diversity of Muslim civilizations. The Museum is proud to continue this engagement by presenting videos of our popular lectures, conferences, and symposia online for all to enjoy — offering a glimpse into the creativity and intellect of artists and scholars worldwide, and highlighting the active role of discussion in cross-cultural exchange.

Lecture Series: Islam and Muslims in the 21st Century
Our 2016 lecture series tackles the theme “Islam and Muslims in the 21st Century.” Featuring scholars and journalists who are leading thought-provoking conversations about Muslims and Islam today, the series addresses questions of identity and belonging, youth and integration, and immigration and settlement.

Lecture Series: Syria: A Living History
Opened on October 15, 2016, the world-premiere exhibition Syria: A Living History offers worlds of discovery into the marvellous arts and culture of past and present-day Syria. Through a wide variety of on-stage programming ranging from an Annual Symposium to performances by Syrian-born artists and musicians, our related programming continues the conversations about Syria's rich history and multicultural legacy.


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