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Customize your own visit, or choose from a roster of Aga Khan Museum School Programs.

A two-hour gallery program includes discovery in the Museum’s exhibitions and an activity in the Education Centre. Students have the chance to experiment with materials and processes, learn new skills, explore cross-curricular connections, and make new works of art to take home with them. School Performances expose students to diverse cultural expression through the arts including theatre, music, film and more.

Prepare your students in advance using our Ontario-curriculum based teacher resource guide, Learning at the Aga Khan Museum: A Curriculum Guide for Teachers Grades One to Eight.


All visits and programs are available throughout the school year for pre-booking Tuesdays to Fridays, with morning, afternoon, and full day options. Please inquire regarding full-day program.

Cost: $8 per student; teachers and chaperones need to fulfill supervision ratios to gain free admission.

Teachers, please contact us at 416.646.4677 ext. 7726, or for further details. Please ensure your school visits are booked two weeks in advance.

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Explore the Aga Khan Museum
All ages, 2 hours
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts, Language, Math, Social Studies, History, Geography, Canada and World Studies, World Religions
Discover the art and architecture of the Aga Khan Museum! Students explore our collection of manuscripts, ceramics, architecture, and more, then create art inspired by what they learn. This program highlights the diversity of our world and the many ways the arts of Muslim civilizations have contributed to it.

Visual Storytelling
All Ages, 2 hours
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts, Language, English, Math, Media Literacy, Social Studies, History, Geography, Religious Studies, World Studies
Travel through Iran, India, Central Asia, and beyond during this fascinating exploration of our Collection and exhibitions! Students investigate storytelling techniques and see how artists narrate cultural histories through traditional and contemporary contexts. They then apply what they’ve learned, creating their own visual and literary narratives in a variety of media.

Pattern Play in Art and Math
Grades 1–8, 9–12, 2 hours
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts, Language, Math, Social Studies
Students put on their detective hats and search the Museum and galleries for geometric shapes and arabesque designs. They take their discoveries to the Education Centre, where they create colourful patterns through printmaking, drawing, and clay exploration.

Silk Route Adventures
Grades 3–8, 9–12, 2 hours
Curriculum Links: Social Studies, Arts, Geography, World History, Visual Literacy, English
Through a discovery of our Permanent Collection and special exhibitions, students adventure over land and sea, exploring the many ways that the Silk Routes encouraged the diffusion of goods, ideas, peoples, and cultures across Europe and Asia. Students tour the galleries, and explore narrative storytelling with hands-on activities and sketching.

Colours in Islamic Art
Grades 7–12, 2 hours
Curriculum Links: Visual Arts, Language, English, Math, Media Literacy, Social Studies, History, Geography
What are the colours of the pre-modern world? How did artists create and utilize these vibrant pigments that have survived for centuries? Exploring our galleries, students investigate colours in the arts of Muslim civilizations. Then they create their own pigments from natural materials in a fun, interactive session.

School Performances

The Aga Khan Museum's Education program presents school performances of music, storytelling, film, dance, and more, tailored for school audiences. Prepare your students for new sights and sounds — and a new understanding of world cultures.
All performances include free full-day access to the Museum Collections gallery and any ongoing exhibitions, with extra facilitated educational touch-tables for student exploration.


Engage your students and broaden their understanding of the arts of Muslim Civilizations with a multi-disciplinary resource inspired by the Aga Khan Museum's Permanent Collection! Teachers are provided with ideas and resources to teach core competency skills in arts, sciences, mathematics, literacy, and social studies while fulfilling specific expectations in the Ontario Ministry Curriculum. Featuring lesson plans, a glossary of terms, and strategies for art-based learning, this resource is perfect for classroom use and for teachers’ reference during a class visit to the Aga Khan Museum.


Teachers, join us for upcoming teacher events, workshops, and studio activities, where you can connect with other elementary, secondary, and ECE educators and develop your own skills in objects- and arts-based learning and visual literacy skills to take back to the classroom. Please contact us at for details.


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