1. Can I pay on the day of our visit?
  • Yes. With credit card you may pay or complete payment at the reception desk.
  • However, we cannot process refunds on cheques on the day of the visit if your numbers have changed. Please note that our “Changes in Numbers” policy states: “No refunds or changes are permitted on the day of visit.” Changes in numbers can be made up to two days prior to your visit.
  • 2. Where can we have lunch? Do you have Lunch Options at the AKM? Can we buy a boxed lunch?
  • We do not have boxed lunch options at this time; however we do have a museum café prepared by McEwan’s Catering.
  • Please keep in mind that museum café pricing can be quite pricey.
  • Other options are Tim Horton’s and Subway (10-15 min walk) and Superstore (10-15 minute walk).
  • Alternatively, students can bring their own lunches and eat in the classrooms if available, or the atrium space.
  • 3. If coming by school bus, where does the bus drop off the students and park?
  • Buses should drop off students in the roundabout area of the Museum at the 77 Wynford Drive entry.
  • If you require bus parking, please pre-arrange this with us.
  • 4. Can we start the program at 9:30 rather than 10 am?
  • Unfortunately we are unable to start the program earlier than 10am though you and your group may arrive at 9:30 and wait in the atrium, complete payment, etc. In some cases we are able to begin the program ten minutes early with the introduction to the museum.
  • 5. What is the maximum number of students you can accommodate per program?
  • 66 in the morning, and 66 in the afternoon. As our classroom spaces are limited, we are only able to accommodate these numbers if you are planning to do a workshop with us. If you only want to do a tour, we can accommodate larger numbers.
  • 6. Are we able to customize visits in consult with the teachers at AKM?
  • Yes, absolutely.
  • Please allow longer lead times for customized programs. We may need more time to
    a) get in touch with you,
    b) plan the program with you,
    c) ensure we have all materials and resources such as educators ready for your visit.
  • If you would like to get in touch with one of our teachers, please let me know. I’d be happy to put you in touch.
  • 7. Do chaperones and teachers get in for free?
  • Yes. Teachers with OCT cards gain free admission, either on a pre-visit or on a school visit; however, the ratio of teachers and/or chaperones who gain free admission on school visits correspond to the number of students attending:
    a) JK-Gr. 3 – 1:5
    b) Gr. 4-Gr. 6 – 1:8
    c) Gr. 7-Gr.8 – 1:10
    d) Gr. 9-Gr.12 – 1:15
  • 8. What materials do we have to prepare or bring with us for our tour and workshop?
  • You do not need to prepare or bring any materials with you. We are in the process of creating pre- and post-visit activities. However, at this time, we only recommend that you and your students bring a list of questions and ideas with you about Islamic Art and culture and the Aga Khan Museum.
  • 9. Do you offer modified tours for ESL students or students with Special Needs?
  • Yes. As we are a new museum, we do not have formalized programming yet for these student groups, however, please feel free to consult with one of our teachers to create a customized tour. Please allow for extra time before booking so that teachers can ensure that they
    a) get in touch with you,
    b) plan the program with you,
    c) ensure they have all materials and resources ready for your visit.
  • 10. Do you offer tours in French?
  • Yes. With advanced notice, we are able to accommodate limited French Language tours. Please enquire.
  • 11. Do you offer programs for Adult ESL or university/college students?
  • No, at this time we do not. However, you may book adult tours with Group Reservations at groupreservations@agakhanmuseum.org.
  • 12. What is the best TTC route to get to the Aga Khan Museum?
  • You have three options:
    i. From Eglinton Station, take the 34C to Wynford Drive. Your stop is called “Garamond Court” and arrives at the main entrance of the museum (77 Wynford Drive.)
    ii. From Pape Station take the 25 North to Wynford Drive. Your stop is called “Wynford Drive” (at Eglinton and Wynford). From there, you will walk approximately 10 minutes east to 77 Wynford Drive.
    iii. From Broadview Station, take the 100 Flemingdon Park North to Wynford Drive. Your stop is called “Garamond Court” and arrives at the main entrance of the museum (77 Wynford Drive.)
  • Please note: There is no crosswalk at the “Garamond Court” and 77 Wynford Drive. Please take the bus one stop over to “Don Mills Parkway” or walk over to this stop; there is a crosswalk here.
  • 1. What age group of children is Family Sunday for?
  • Our activities are aimed at children ages 5-12, however younger visitors are always welcome, we have rugs and pillows where they can play with block toys and see picture books. We also have puzzles and books for older siblings.
  • 2. Can I drop off my kids to Family Sunday and visit the museum?
  • No Family Sunday is a not a drop off program. One adult needs to stay with the children at all times.
  • 3. Can I leave my kids in Family Sunday while I grab a coffee at the café?
  • No, we are not responsible for the children, so they cannot be left unsupervised even temporarily.
  • 4. Can I reserve a spot for Family Sunday?
  • No it’s a drop in program. Should the room be full you can return after a while to see if room has opened up.
  • 5. How much does the program cost?
  • Family Sunday is free with admission; we do check admission tickets at the entrance.
  • 6. How long can I spend at Family Sunday with my kids?
  • The program runs from 12pm-4pm and you are welcome to stay on as long as it is not too busy.
  • 7. My child left their artwork in the Family Sunday room. Do you still have it?
  • We encourage families to take all their belongings with them. You can check in the following week if we still have the art piece, but we will not keep it longer than that.
  • 8. Does this program only run on Sundays?
  • This program runs predominantly on Sundays and Family Days. Sometimes we may have it run an extra day, you can see details on our website
  • 9. What else do you offer for children?
  • In the summers we have camps for children aged 6-13. Please see our website for details. We also have storytelling and pop up performances and lots of programming in the park in the summer months.
  • 1. Where can I learn about what programs you have for adults?
  • You can learn about programs on our website and on the Explore Aga Khan Museum Program Guide that is printed 3 times a year.
  • 2. I want to attend a six-week course, will I have to pay for parking each week?
  • For courses we offer a 50% discount on parking. You can purchase parking online at the same time as your course, or you can purchase it from the visitor services desk on the first day of the course.
  • 3. Can I bring my own materials?
  • No, the facilitator conducting the workshop or course will be purchasing the required materials and distributing to the participants.
  • 4. Do I have to pay for materials?
  • If there is a material fee for the workshop or course it will be indicated on the website.
  • 5. If I miss one class can I be reimbursed?
  • No, if participants are unable to attend one or more days of a course they cannot be reimbursed.
  • 6. Where is the workshop/course held?
  • Most of our workshops and courses are held in the education centre. You can always ask a volunteer, the staff at the visitor services desk or security where to go.
  • 7. Are there breaks during classes?
  • Workshop and course facilitators typically do give breaks; you can always let them know on arrival if you would like a break.
  • 8. When will the course outline be made available?
  • The instructor will typically share an outline the first day of class.
  • 9. Do we get a certificate of completion at the end of the workshop or course?
  • Workshops and courses are considered lifelong learning and therefore have neither homework, nor tests nor certificates of completion.
  • 10. I attended a course/workshop at the museum and would like to get in touch with a fellow participant. Can you send me their contact information?
  • We are not allowed to share personal information.
  • 11. Are gallery visits included in the cost of workshops?
  • No workshops run for 5 hours and do not include time in the gallery.
  • 12. Are gallery visits included in the cost of a course?
  • Typically gallery visits are not included unless the instructor has included it in the course.
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