Happy International Volunteer Day!

International Volunteer Day 2021

Happy International Volunteer Day!

Date: December 5, 2021

The Museum extends our sincerest gratitude to our incredible volunteers for their continued commitment, resilience, and support throughout 2021.


Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, our volunteers remain dedicated and enthusiastic in spreading the mission of the Aga Khan Museum to connect cultures through art.


"Our Volunteers are the very pillars on which our Museum stands tall and soars to ever new heights. Without you, there would be no Aga Khan Museum! Thank you for all you do and give!" – Dr. Ulrike Al-Khamis, Director and CEO


“We live in a world that needs healing, care, empathy, smiles, happiness and simply unconditional support from amazing people who could be tending to their own needs and families, but they selflessly and courageously choose to serve the Aga Khan Museum and its visitors, whenever it may be.   My deep appreciation and affection for this regular act of kindness, and patience for their understanding in these changing times” – Moyez Jadavji, Chief Operating Officer


"Our volunteers are the lifeblood of the Museum! Their selfless service and unconditional support signify their generosity of spirit. They partner with us as we build bridges between cultures.  They inspire me every day in everything I do – thank you!" – Nadya Hashmani,  Senior Human Resources Manager


“Working at the Museum as volunteers has been a most wonderful and interesting experience as we have been able to meet and work with amazing volunteers and staff, and assist the visitors to make their visit a memorable one” – Gulzar and Badru Mohamed, Museum Volunteers


"November 2021 marks the 7th year of my volunteering at the Aga Khan Museum. I feel more blessed day by day" – Jane Liu, Museum Volunteer


“As a volunteer at the Aga Khan Museum, I feel fortunate, honoured and blessed to have this opportunity and receive a deep sense of satisfaction in engaging with visitors, volunteers and staff. I'm always looking forward to serving.” – Begum Janmohamed, Museum Volunteer


"Many visitors have mentioned that they enjoy visiting this remarkable Museum, which makes me feel that I am an important part of their experience" – Akber Kassim-Lakha, Museum Volunteer


“It has been an immense pleasure working so closely with all our volunteers. They bring so much life and joy to the Museum, and it is so heartwarming to connect with them every day, feel their support and see them grow in their roles over time. I feel grateful every day and have become a better person thanks to them.“ – Emma Janssen-Zhuang, Volunteer Coordinator



"I am so grateful for your passion, commitment, friendship, and joy you bring to the museum each day. Your role, in all aspects of the organization, helps us to truly stand apart from other museums and gives our visitors the best experience. We love you and are so happy to see so many familiar faces coming back to help us achieve more!" – Elizabeth McArthur, Museum Operations Manager


"Today we celebrate YOU. Your engaging spirit in our galleries and education spaces sparks wonder and smiles in local and international visitors, young and old. Thank you for your tremendous contribution to the Museum!" - The Education Team


If you have questions about our volunteer program or are interested in becoming a volunteer, please email volunteer.admin@agakhanmuseum.org.


Volunteer at the Aga Khan Museum


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