March Break Camp 2024

Special Event

March Break Camp 2024

Date: March 11–15, 2024
Full Week: $300 Regular ($270 Sibling Discount) | $270 Friends ($243 Sibling Discount)
Single Day: $60 Regular ($54 Sibling Discount) | $54 Friends ($48 Sibling Discount)
Ages 6–12

Travel the world this upcoming March Break at the Aga Khan Museum! Journey through Morocco, Egypt, Türkiye, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and India all week long. 


Pulling inspiration from captivating objects and stories in the Museum's Permanent Collection and temporary exhibitions, campers will experiment with different mediums such as painting, sculpting, and calligraphy, to explore the world of art and storytelling.  


Each day offers a unique set of engaging hands-on activities. Learn more about our daily programs below! 


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Daily Camp Schedule 

8:45 am – Drop-off** 
9 am – Camp day begins 
10:30 am – Snack break (15 mins) 
12 pm – Lunch break (1 hour)* 
2:30 pm – Snack break (15 mins) 
3:45 pm – Pick-up (please present ID for pick up)** 
4 pm – Camp day ends — no extended care available 


*Lunch will not be provided. Campers are encouraged to bring their own along with two snacks. 
**15-minute parking is free during pick-up and drop-off only. 


Please note, March Break Camp requires a minimum of 10 registrants. Camp may be cancelled if this threshold is not reached. 


Daily Programs


Visual Storytelling: Exploring the Shahnameh and Miniature Painting


What makes a story engaging? On the first day of March Break, Campers will get the inside scoop on the Museum’s current Themed Installation, Inside/Outside, by learning about the Shahnameh (Book of Kings). Campers will listen to the story of the brave Rustam from the Shahnameh, and be inspired to tell their own stories by creating their one-of-a-kind zine from scratch. A zine is a small, handmade booklet or magazine. Campers will learn the art of “miniature painting,” and will have the ability to use a variety of materials, such as watercolours and collages — and maybe even gold leaf!


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Pattern Play: Creating Clay Tiles


Patterns play an important role in Islamic art. The Museum displays a beautifully diverse collection of ceramics decorated with various patterns, such as geometric, floral, figural, and calligraphic patterns. On the second day of our March Break activities, campers will have the opportunity to embark on a guided tour of the Museum Collections Gallery and Bellerive Room to learn about different types of patterns and gather inspiration for their own clay tiles.


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The Beauty of Calligraphy

On the third day of March Break, campers will learn about Calligraphy and the tools needed for this intricate art form. They will explore zoomorphic calligraphy, the art of transforming words and phrases into the shapes of animals and experiment with various calligraphy tools, such as reed pens, calligraphy brushes and pen and ink. Campers will then create their own zoomorphic calligraphy pieces.


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Traveling Along the Silk Route 

Campers will explore the Museum Collections Gallery as they learn all about the Silk Route. They will get hands-on experience to see and learn about the materials, knowledge, and innovative ideas that were exchanged throughout the Silk Route. Campers will also get a chance to travel back in time to see what it was like to be a merchant travelling along the Silk Route by playing the Museum’s Silk Route Adventure Board Game. 


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Playing with Colours: Night in the Garden of Love

Centred around the Museum's current temporary exhibition, Night in the Garden of Love, the last day of March Break will focus on Shezad Dawood’s contemporary artworks and encourage campers to be creative while exploring an important cause — saving our environment. Using Dawood’s mixed media and textile pieces as inspiration, campers will use textiles such as felt and yarn to create a landscape. Throughout this day, campers will also learn about the importance of collaborating, and how works of art can delight all the senses — touch, smell, sight, and even sound. 


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