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Syrian Symphony: New Compositions in Sight and Sound

Syrian Symphony: New Compositions in Sight and Sound

Syrian Symphony orchestrates music, painting, and media arts by some of Syria’s leading artists and musicians. Along with contributions from other organizations such as Iconem, Atassi Foundation, COSTI, and Silkroad, this exhibition explores the roles of art and artists during times of upheaval and conflict.


True to its name and similar to a musical symphony, the exhibition is divided into four distinct yet connected “movements” composed of various media including site-specific paintings on gallery walls, original musical pieces recorded at the Museum, and interactive installations that allow visitors to show their support for Syrians.


Together, the creative voices of such artists as Kinan Azmeh, Kevork Mourad, Ahmad Moualla, and Malek Jandali speak of the struggle to protect the region’s cultural heritage, and of the determination to rebuild.


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