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Insight Tour: Image & Spirituality

Insight Tour

Insight Tour: Image & Spirituality

Date: Wednesday, July 13, 6 pm
Price: $45 inc. HST, $40.50 inc. HST Friends

With Museum Director and CEO Dr. Ulrike Al-Khamis as your guide, take a closer look at our IMAGE? The Power of the Visual exhibition and discover how Muslim cultures and artists in the past and present have been searching for a host of different visual ways to commune with the Divine and visualize aspects of their spirituality.


Learn more about the fascinating and diverse ways Muslim cultures have been using the arts to create deeply meaningful focal points for spiritual contemplation to evoke the all-pervasive presence, glory, and eternity of God.


IMAGE? The Power of the Visual explores image-making over the centuries through the lens of historic and contemporary artworks from diverse Muslim cultures. The exhibition reflects on humanity’s timeless preoccupation with images and explores their capacity to project power, reflect inner spiritual or poetic visions, give expression to ideals held dear, or express key aspects of identity.


IMAGE? The Power of the Visual

April 9–September 5


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