Go: Organic Orchestra Composed and Spontaneously Conducted by Adam Rudolph

Live Performance

Go: Organic Orchestra Composed and Spontaneously Conducted by Adam Rudolph

Date: Saturday, April 13, 2024, 8 pm
Price: $40 Regular | $36 Friends | $30 Students and Seniors
Tickets include same-day Museum admission.
A limited number of $20 rush seats will be available for purchase on the day of the performance.

Experience the magic of music in a remarkable performance by an ensemble composed of Toronto's most adept improvisational musicians, alongside experts in Indian music and various global traditions in the upcoming rendition of Adam Rudolph's Go: Organic Orchestra


Go: Organic Orchestra is a 21st-century vision of a "future orchestra."  Its multicultural and multigenerational dynamic expresses a vision of our shared humanity. Musicians and instruments from Canada, the United States, India, Iran, Syria, Nigeria, Japan, Tibet, and more, come together to create a realization of a creative community in a world without boundaries — approaching art as the vessel for understanding, empathy, and sharing.


This performance features:
Adam Rudolph  | Composer and Conductor
Afraaz Mulji | Tabla, Ghatam, Djembé and Darbuka
Araz Salek | Tar 
Aline Homzy | Violin
Jonathan Kay | Soprano and Tenor Sax, Shakuhachi, and Esraj
Andrew Kay | Soprano and Alto Sax, Bb and Bass Clarinet, and Singing Bowls 
Bea Labikova | Alto, Alto Clarinet, and Fujiwara 
George Crotty | Cello
Kayla Milmine | Soprano Sax
Majd Sukar | Clarinet, Duduk
Heather Saumer | Trombone
Patric O'Reilly | Guitar FX
Justin Gray | Bass and Bass Veena
Derek Gray | Percussion, Bata, and Drums
Dhaivat Jani | Tabla, Percussion, and Drums


About Adam Rudolph


Composer and percussionist Adam Rudolph has spent over four decades performing worldwide, releasing over 30 recordings showcasing his compositions and percussion skills. He leads ensembles such as Moving Pictures, Hu Vibrational, and Go: Organic Orchestra, known for its unique music notation and conducting system. Rudolph has collaborated with a diverse array of artists including Don Cherry, Jon Hassel, and Philip Glass. He is recognized as a pioneer of World Music, co-founding the Mandingo Griot Society in 1978 and pioneering fusion with Moroccan Gnawa music in 1988 alongside Hassan Hakmoun.

About the Guest Musicians


At its core, this performance showcases the mastery of multi-instrumentalist brothers Andrew Kay, wielding a unique collection of Himalayan singing bowls and a variety of woodwinds, and Jonathan Kay, equally proficient in esraj, woodwinds, and shakuhachi. Renowned as trailblazers for their adaptation of North Indian classical music onto the saxophones, their collaboration adds a distinctive flair to the ensemble.


Joining forces with the Kay brothers is Justin Gray, the mind behind the bass veena, who commands both upright and electric basses. Alongside him is his brother Derek Gray, a highly sought-after drummer renowned for his expertise in African and Cuban percussion.


Dhaivat Jani, brings a wealth of expertise in tabla, drums, and percussion, infusing the ensemble with rhythmic brilliance. Meanwhile, Syrian clarinetist Majd Sukar enhances the group's sound with his soulful contributions. Broadening the sonic spectrum further is the versatile composer and artist Patrick O'Rielly, whose mastery of the guitar and FX adds an other-worldly colour.


Contributing to the rich tapestry of sound are Iranian tar player Araz Salek and jazz violinist Aline Homzy, both veterans of previous Go: Organic Orchestra performances.


Founders and directors of the acclaimed Women from Space festival, and incredible improvisers in their own right Bea Labikova on woodwinds and Fujiwara, and Kayla Milmine on soprano saxophone, lend their expertise to the ensemble, alongside creative trombonist Heather Saumer, completing the wind section.


Rounding off this excellent array of musicians, cellist George Crotty will push the boundaries of the ensemble's sound with his innovative approach to the cello as an instrument, seamlessly weaving jazz influences into his playing. Joining him will be multi-instrumentalist and percussionist Afraaz Mulji on the tabla, ghatam, djembé and darbuka.


The Museum’s Performing Arts programming is generously supported by the Nanji Family Foundation.




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