The Visual Language of Islamic Geometric Design Virtual Workshop

Virtual Workshop

The Visual Language of Islamic Geometric Design Virtual Workshop

Date: Sunday, October 23, 10 am and 1 pm EST
Price: $20 Regular, $18 Friends

In this workshop, author and artist Eric Broug will show you masterpieces of design from across the Muslim world and explain how they were made. Learn how to make and understand geometric patterns from the Alhambra, Fes and Marrrakech, Al-Aqsa, Afghanistan, Thatta, and beyond. Construct patterns with just a ruler and pencil using the same methods craftsmen have been using across the Muslim world for centuries.


Materials required:

Two different A4 size PDF templates will be sent by email to be printed at home.

Participants will also need a ruler (straight edge), pencils, and coloured pens or pencils.


About Eric Broug


Eric Broug is an author, educator, and artist specialising in Islamic geometric design. He has written several popular books on the subject and his work is available in English, Farsi, Turkish, French, Korean, and Dutch. During the pandemic, he wrote a new book on Islamic architecture, which will be published in April 2023 by Thames & Hudson.


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