Cinematic Discoveries Along the Silk Road and the Spice Route


Cinematic Discoveries Along the Silk Road and the Spice Route

Date: Wed, Jan 28, 2015 07:00PM - Wed, Jan 28, 2015 09:00PM


Program Ticket
Gets you into a single program.
$15, $13.50 members, $12 students and seniors

Evening Program Pass *
Gets you into both programs in a single evening.
$25, $22.50 members, $20 students and seniors

Season Film Pass *
Gets you into the entire series.
$110 adults, $100 members, $88 students and seniors

* Please call 416.646.4677, ext. 7700 to purchase passes.

Complementing the exhibition The Lost Dhow: A Discovery from the Maritime Silk Route, this inaugural film series is a voyage of discovery of the new and emergent artists who are creating art and films along the Silk Road and the Maritime Silk Route. The films are curated by Dr. Paul Lee, a Toronto-based filmmaker, producer, festival programmer, and curator. Together, they speak to the diversity, interconnectedness, and ingenuity of filmmakers from across this vast geographical area.

7 pm

PROGRAM 1: In Her Silence and Solitudes (102 min.)
Three portraits of women’s silence suggest the solitudes of suffering – from war, from oppression, and from potential violence. They also allow room for hope. (3 films)

My Motherland  (2015, 10 min.)
World Premiere
Directors: Fazila Amiri, Hangama Amiri (Canada/Afghanistan)
No Dialogue

Photo  (2012, 4 min.)
Canadian Premiere
Director: Sawsan al-Areeqe (Yemen)
No Dialogue

40 Days of Silence (Chilla)  (2012, 88 min.)
Canadian Premiere
Director: Saodat Ismailova (Uzbekistan/Tajikistan/Netherlands/France/Germany)
Tajik with English subtitles

9 pm

PROGRAM 2: Daggers and Devotion (99 min.)
These films explore two of the many cultural traditions – jambeya dagger craftsmanship and meshk training for young musicians – that risk being lost as societies and values change. (2 films)

The Jambeya: Yemen from the Waist of a Man (2012, 15 min.)
Canadian Premiere
Director: Sara al-Zawqari (Yemen)
Arabic with English subtitles

Breath of the Beloved (Mâşuk’un Nefesi) (2014, 84 min.)
North American Premiere
Director: Murat Pay (Turkey)
Turkish with English subtitles


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