Blossom Together Community Tile Wall

Rebuild 2020

Blossom Together Community Tile Wall

Date: Contribute your tile by October 31, 2020

Help piece together a lush portrait of togetherness and hope — and support people in need — by contributing to the Aga Khan Museum’s Blossom Together Community Tile Wall.


We invite you to purchase a floral-themed tile at the Museum’s Shop and emblazon it with a message of hope. The tiles are $10 each, the proceeds from your purchase go to the North York Harvest Food Bank. Alternatively, you can donate a non-perishable food item in exchange for a tile.


How to participate


After you purchase your tile, decorate it using the markers provided and respond to the written prompt with a personalized message of hope. Return your tile to the Shop by October 31, 2020. We will then add it to the Blossom Together wall located outside the Museum’s main entrance. As more tiles are added, the mural will bloom into a vibrant landscape commemorating how our diverse community has rallied together in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Collection-inspired design


The tiles’ design is inspired by a series of 15th-century Syrian or Egyptian ceramics in the Museum’s Collection. From a distance, the five hexagonal tiles might look exactly the same. Every one features a detailed blue and white floral pattern, an intricately lined dark purple border, and one emerald green bulb on each of its six points. But peer in closer, and you will discover that each one is subtly different from the next.  


Send a message — and empower people in need


The last day to contribute to the Blossom Together Community Tile Wall is October 31, 2020. By participating, you will do more than send a timeless message about the transformative power of diverse community. With proceeds and non-perishable food items going to the North York Harvest Food Bank, you will empower vulnerable Toronto residents in a time of great uncertainty and need.


The Blossom Together Community Tile Wall is part of Rebuild 2020, the Aga Khan Museum’s program to reconnect and reinvigorate communities through the arts.


We would like to acknowledge the people who have contributed to the Blossom Together Community Tile Wall. Thank you for supporting Torontonians in need and helping to paint a picture of community togetherness and hope.


Roshathmi (Zeai Shariff)

Aidan Bunn

Leo Palsetia

Ann-Marie Gittens

Noorani Valjee

Lena Bunn

Stephanie Radchenko

Nicole Servinid

Mehrdad Nazarahari


Zoya Khan

Iqra Khan

Ifsaan Pyarali

Alishba Pyarali

Hissein Pyarali

Noureen Asrani


Alqaim Lalani

Shiv Sha

Lynn Roeder


Special Program
Rebuild 2020

June 2020–December 2020


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