May 13–October 9, 2023

Open your senses and experience the unknown that lies just beyond your awareness. 

This spring, untangle meaning in a new immersive, meditative art installation by Matt Donovan and Hallie Siegel emerging from the centre reflecting pool in the Aga Khan Park. 


Inspired by a 13th-century poem attributed to Rumi, Listen. picks up where he left off, inviting you to open your senses and experience the unknown that lies just beyond your awareness. Appearing as an upside-down jumble of letters rising out of the water, the ephemeral nature of the installation evokes the profound intention of the poem — asking viewers to look past the distraction of the material world and let go of their attachment to language.  


Find the true meaning behind the installation by deciphering its reflection in the water, only perceivable in the calm weather of a quiet mind. 


Like the weather and its many patterns, the mind has many states of being, some of which allow clarity and understanding and others which distort our perception and limit our awareness. Rainy days may invite disappointment, or they may invite you to return again — it is your choice. 


Listen. is presented through the generous support of the Faris D. Virani Fund for the Living Arts.


About the Artists


Matt Donovan and Hallie Siegel are a Toronto-based arts collaborative who explore how the written word has evolved into a “sticky” graphic culture that has shaped us to the core — even in the very way we observe and think. 


Their works are held in private and public collections across North America and Europe, and they were featured artists at the 2016 Edinburgh Arts Festival. In 2017 Donovan and Siegel were awarded a New Chapter Grant, a one-time program from the Canada Council created on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. They have been represented by the Olga Korper Gallery (Toronto) since 2007.  


Special Projects Curator: Marianne Fenton

Presented through the generous support of


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