Whether assisting at the Information desk, leading tours, or providing program or event support, volunteers at the Aga Khan Museum will play a key role in making the Museum a place for public engagement, inquiry and creativity.

For more information, please contact akm.volunteer@akdn.org.

250 volunteers at the Aga Khan Museum. Amazing! You greet our visitors, are the public face of the Museum, and guide countless groups through our galleries. It is a tremendous pleasure to work alongside you. You make us great! Thank you for all your hard work.

Henry Kim, Director and CEO

Dear volunteers, thank you for your tireless hard work and unconditional commitment to the Aga Khan Museum. Your service and contributions exceed all expectations. Your desire and willingness to volunteer fuel our mutual efforts to lead us to success. Congratulations on this magnificent service!

Nashifa Dhanani, Volunteer Coordinator



When the visitors to the Museum praise the Volunteers’ work and their smiles while greeting the visitors, I feel this compliment to all volunteers is very fulfilling.

Shamin Benn, Volunteer


Every tour that I have conducted has been a unique experience. Engaging with people from all walks of life and delivering the content story of the permanent gallery [gives me the] tremendous satisfaction of sharing, educating, and connecting.

Altaf Virani, Volunteer


I am passionate about the Museum and what it symbolizes. I love working with people from different walks of life.

Zarina Murji, Volunteer


The architectural feature that amazes me is the courtyard, called the “heart” of the Museum by the architect Fumihiko Maki. When you are in the Courtyard you are out in the open air with lots of sunlight, yet also inside the Museum surrounded by beautifully etched glass walls with stunning geometric “mashrabiya” patterns.

Anvar Valani, Volunteer


Every day, I find unique pieces to share with my family, friends, and visitors. My 9-year-old daughter and I share with visitors what each space in the Museum is about and our personal experiences.

Salim Nensi, Volunteer


To be surrounded by amazing artworks and artifacts never ceases to enliven my day and would do so, I think, for anybody that may also be interested in volunteering at the Museum. I know it has changed my life.

Shirin Walani, Volunteer


Aga Khan Museum would not be the same without your (Volunteers) tireless efforts. There is something to say about people who provide service unconditionally and commit their valuable personal time to serve the Aga Khan Museum. Aga Khan Museum is fortunate to attract you who come from various walks of life, unique backgrounds and expertise, endless passion towards the Aga Khan Museum, and focussed on simply helping. In the short history of the Aga Khan Museum, you have performed remarkably. Unfortunately, no quantity or quality of words of gratitude can capture my sentiments of this noble act that you do everyday. You make the Aga Khan Museum, and more importantly, the whole AKDN organization, proud because you are modelling its core values. Therefore, in this week of recognizing all the volunteers nationally, I would like to say a simple thanks, but be assured that there is immense sincerity and gratitude behind my thanks.

Moyez Jadavji, Chief Operating Officer

“Volunteers do not have more time — they have more heart” — this anonymous quote so aptly describes YOU, the volunteers of the Aga Khan Museum! Ever willing to assist in whatever capacity required, with smiling faces, you give wholeheartedly, unreservedly, and unconditionally, day after day — I am truly amazed and humbled by your generosity of spirit. Thank you for all that you do and for your passion for this wonderful Museum.

Nadya Salim Hashmani, Senior Human Resources Manager

Volunteers: the lifeblood of any organization. Without your time, knowledge and dedication to the mission and mandate of our organization, we simply could not be the institution we pride ourselves to be.

Your strength and love for what you do is as priceless as the objects within the galleries. As time goes on, your service like the institution itself, becomes a permanent fixture with the arts and culture landscape of Toronto and the world.

Shoheb Gwaduri, Senior Retail Operations Manager

We had two wonderful volunteers Mumtaz and Mukhtar who were helping us set up the Shop weeks before the opening. They were here every day (sometimes from wee hours of the morning to 11 pm at night), unpacking, pricing, cleaning and setting up merchandise. We would not have been ready in time for the opening if it wasn’t for them. They would always be on time with a big smile on their faces, ready to start the day. Mumtaz is a wonderful chef, so she would bring us homemade goodies every day. We are so grateful for all their time and effort and could not have done it without them.

Sumaira Kasimuddin, Retail Store Supervisor


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