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Massey College x Aga Khan Museum: The Power of Image Lecture Series

Lecture Series

Massey College x Aga Khan Museum: The Power of Image Lecture Series

Date: Sunday, August 7, 2:30 pm
Price: Free with museum admission ($20 regular, $15 seniors, $12 students)

Image and Power 


From calligraphy and emblems to figural paintings and photographs, leaders in Muslim cultures and across the world past and present have used a host of diverse strategies to project their ideas of what it means to rule and their prowess through visual means.


Join the principal of Massey College, Nathalie Des Rosiers as she sits down with Massey College Senior Fellow and a McLaughlin College Fellow, Zainub Verjee, Visiting Fellow, Change Maker-in-Residence at Massey College, Peter Sloly, and one of Canada’s most accomplished NGO CEOs, Bernie Farber to discuss why images are important to the exercise of authority, whether they can challenge authority, and how the power of images can be channelled for the public good.

Moderated by

Nathalie Des Rosiers

A former law professor, Nathalie Des Rosiers is the principal of Massey College. She has served as general counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and was a dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa. Since 2016 she has been a Liberal member of the Ontario legislature for the riding of Ottawa-Vanier and has used that position to push for stronger human rights in the province. 



Zainub Verjee

A Senior Fellow of Massey College and a McLaughlin College Fellow, Zainub Verjee is the laureate of 2020 Governor General’s Visual and Media Arts Award for Outstanding Contribution. A thought leader, persuasive champion of arts, and advocate for artists' rights, Zainub Verjee has, over four decades, built a formidable reputation as an artist, writer, critic, cultural administrator, and public intellectual in Canada and internationally.


Peter Sloly

Peter Sloly is a Visiting Fellow, Change Maker-in-Residence at Massey College. Peter enjoyed successful careers as a professional athlete, a professional services firm Partner and a police officer who rose to the rank of police chief.  Peter’s work took him to four continents and forty countries, including two tours of duty in the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Kosovo. Peter has an MBA and a Sociology BA. He helps organizations achieve differentiated outcomes that contribute to safer, more inclusive, and more just societies.  


Bernie Farber

Acknowledged as one of Canada’s most accomplished NGO CEOs, Bernie Farber’s career spans more than three decades with a focus on human rights, diversity, countering antisemitism, and extremism. Recognized and called upon by the courts, media, and law enforcement as an expert in human and civil rights, he is one of few in the field to be accepted by Canadian Courts as an expert in hate crime, white supremacy, and extremism. His efforts have been documented in numerous Canadian Human Rights publications, books, films, newspapers and magazines. He has also been cited for his expertise in a number of academic publications. Mr. Farber has successfully run large NGO’s and Foundations such as Canadian Jewish Congress, the Paloma Foundation, and the Mosaic Institute, all focused on creating a better society

The Power of Image Lecture Series

This is the fourth lecture presented in partnership with Massey College. 'The Power of Image Lecture Series' brings together notable speakers from across diverse disciplines to discuss the prominent themes in our IMAGE? The Power of the Visual exhibition. Each lecture in the four-part series features a different theme and panel of speakers.  


Massey College

Gifted by The Massey Foundation in 1963, Massey College’s mission is to nourish learning and serve the public good. It is a Centre of discussion where people and ideas intersect to address critical issues related to the rapidly changing world, to bring together cross-cultural and inter-generational understanding and ethical leadership to answer complex problems facing society today.


IMAGE? The Power of the Visual

April 9–September 5, 2022

The Power of Image Lecture Series
Massey College x Aga Khan Museum: Image and Spirituality

July 17, 2022

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