Islamic Art 101

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Islamic Art 101

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Indulge your curiosity with a fascinating free self-paced online course on the basics of Islamic art. 


During this self-paced course you will explore the geography and history of the Muslim world through the lens of arts and culture. With members of the Aga Khan Museum's Curatorial team as your guides, you will examine close-up the materials, techniques, and ideas that have defined Islamic art over the centuries.

Islamic Art 101 is open to anyone with an interest in arts and culture. Focusing on objects in the Museum’s Collection, this course will be a treat for people familiar with the Museum as well as art lovers who have yet to visit.


How to Participate


Islamic Art 101 will be delivered through an online learning platform, allowing participants to access course materials at their leisure. Registration is free. Click to register.

All lectures were recorded live in November and December 2020 when the course was offered synchronously. They were then edited and repurposed for the current version in April 2021.


*Please note that access to your course registration information and learning platform may take several days.


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Dr. Filiz Çakır Phillip is a former curator at the Aga Khan Museum. She is a scholar and specialist in Islamic Art with extensive curatorial and research experience. She was instrumental in the opening of the Aga Khan Museum in 2014, which she joined from a position as curator at the Museum für Islamische Kunst in Berlin. She has served as senior fellow at Excellence Cluster TOPOI and Research Fellow at both the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz — Max-Planck-Institut and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Dr. Çakır Phillip is serving as board member of the Association of Art Museum Curators.


Dr. Michael Chagnon is a curator at the Aga Khan Museum. A specialist of painting and the arts of the book of the early modern Persianate sphere, he has held curatorial positions at the Japan Society in New York, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Brooklyn Museum. Dr. Chagnon’s substantial teaching experience includes a recent graduate seminar on Persianate painting at Columbia University, New York.


Bita Pourvash is an assistant curator at the Aga Khan Museum. Prior to joining the Museum, she worked as a researcher at the Royal Ontario Museum and has lectured at York University, Semnan University, and the Higher Education Center of Cultural Heritage in Iran. She oversees the Museum Collection rotations, refreshing the gallery twice a year with themed highlights, allowing light-sensitive materials to rest.


Dr. Marika Sardar is a former Aga Khan Museum curator. She has worked at museums in Doha, San Diego, and New York, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has produced exhibitions on narrative in Indian painting, the art of the Deccan sultanates, and trade textiles of the 16th–18th centuries.


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