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Be part of Rashid Rana's next crowdsourced masterpiece

Contribute to renowned artist Rashid Rana’s next crowdsourced masterpiece — and be part of the Museum’s upcoming Image? exhibition.


Artist Rashid Rana is creating a new work of art that will premiere as part of the Museum’s upcoming Image? exhibition (opening Spring 2022). Rana’s #Solo4Art  will be one of the largest selfie compilations ever created, using images posted to social media to reflect on how we choose to present ourselves online. Contribute your own selfie and return to the Museum to see the image Rana has created from this global crowd-sourcing project. Read more and upload your image at


Rashid Rana is the founding faculty member and head of the Fine Art department at Beaconhouse National University in Lahore, Pakistan. Widely considered to be the leading Pakistani artist of his generation, working in photography, sculpture and digital printmaking, Rana transposes imagery from one time and place to another, through manipulation, repetition, and rearrangement.


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