Dancing in the Park: On Stage with HanHan

Special Event

Dancing in the Park: On Stage with HanHan

Dancing in the Park: On Stage with HanHan

  • Date: Aug 18, 2018 08:00PM
  • Price: Free

Back by popular demand! Our Dancing in the Park series returns for a second season with performances and films guaranteed to get you moving. These events take place in the public space of the Aga Khan Park, a venue for individuals and families to gather and enjoy social and cultural activities all season long. We look forward to welcoming you!

Our summer-long dance workshops end on an inspiring high-note with Toronto-based MC HanHan, who blends Filipino traditions with hip-hop aesthetics, and her collaborators, who combine traditional and contemporary dance and music.

HanHan is a young Filipino-Canadian female poet and emcee who addresses Filipino diasporic social issues through her lyricism, which takes inspiration from her personal experiences as a young Filipino immigrant and woman of colour — ranging from immigrant issues and social activism to cultural pride. Rapping in Tagalog and Cebuano, her music features elements and sounds of Filipino traditional instruments (kulintang, agong, bamboos, and kubing) with contemporary hip-hop beats, and her performances feature elements of Filipino folk dance and movement combined with Filipino and diasporic visuals. She often works with electronic-tribal music duo DATU and dance troupe Hataw, who interpret traditional Filipino folkdance through the lens of the Filipino-Canadian experience, fusing diverse styles of dance and performance art.

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